Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra (origin/founder)

Charles Kenney has a pulse on the string community of Sacramento and the needs and wants of the players.. Chuck became aware of the declining string participation in local orchestras and community colleges.. He shared his vision of meeting the needs of displaced string players with another cellist.. The concept of making contact with an available conductor was discussed and 3 very good candidates were ''asked'' but their current availability kept them from jumping on board.. Pete was ''asked'' about his interest in being a conductor of my orchestra concept (july 2012 at Cal Cap) and though his ''timing'' was not right just then, he asked for a few months of schedule settling down and then would be ready.. The initial discussion was about being a ''grassroots'' beginning with members who democraticly choose their music, representation and direction... It was a concept that was to be 'unique'' and original for this area, UNLIKE ANY OTHER PRE-EXISTING ORCHESTRA in our area.. We were not following any preexisting pattern of How to build or run an orchestra..(like AN existing band or existing director starting it with a following of musicians or a rehearsal site) We'd make sure we played music that was ''known both to the audience and musicians'' (revisiting light classic music that would attract our community to hear music they loved but don't get to hear anymore)so that we'd both grow into being a purely community operated and run orchestra.. This was the ''premise'' that was given to the ''then'' invited string players to join and they all loved this ''different'' concept of how this orchestra should be joined.. We've all been in previous groups where someone or some control group made decisions ''FOR THE PLAYERS'' without getting the input from the musicians themselves.. Pete was of like mind and persuasion so string players were invited to join this orchestra based on those promising goals.. A name had to be picked for this group and with the help of GARY (part of the initial formation -with Margo, and Alison)who secured an attachment to Rancho Cordova city council, Chuck picked the name of Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra (which started as THE CIVIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA). OUR FIRST rehearsal had 45 string and wind players (jan 25, 2013) at this initial gathering.. and we were in a building memebership mode (may 4 2013, First Covenant Church of Rancho Cordova WAS OUR FIRST CONCERT) and got up to 65 orchestra members at this first stage..(the initial plan that Pete and Chuck discussed of being an orchestra of 100 + players was in view) As Chuck had this 'vision and ability'' to grow this group from zero to ''off and running'' , Chuck maintained this push to keep the orchestra growing and put it in the Musical Map for the audience community to choose to attend.. His accomplishment to this point was unpresidented and obviously just what the string players in our area needed and wanted.. so that after one year of existance Chuck was responsible for a new orchestra(full compliment of strings and winds)(NOT STARTED BY AN EXISTING ORGANIZATION or musical group, neither started by an existing director of a band with a place to rehearse or an existing following) in the Sacramento area that was able to command the attention of the rest of the string players in the community.. Congrats go to the three people what worked with Chuck to make 'his vision'' become a reality..

Award Winning Violin Maker

I have been a long time customer of Al Muller. He was a dedicated craftsman educating his customers and teaching his craft to select apprentices. Cheryl has excelled as being the quickest and most skilled of them all in his experience. I own a Muller cello and bow. The local talent have all commented on its qualities. Cheryl has moved into his vacancy and is producing the quality of instruments we expect from the Muller Violin Shop. I'm proud to recommend her skill and workmanship to other string players. Top players from around the country have sent their instruments to this shop for repair and work, and there is every reason to continue this practice. Great Job Cheryl.
As of dec. 2008, all three of us (in cellosound) own cellos from the muller shop. Mr. Muller entered his hand made strings in the international judging and received awards for BEST TONE AND BEST WORKMANSHIP numerous times. Now Cheryl has also won TONE QUALITY award for the cello Margo just purchased, so we all have matching ''sister'' cellos from The Muller Violin Shop. We are very lucky to have fine quality cellos to play on- Cheryl has matched Mr. Mullers success in producing award winning instruments. - (comments will be sent to me for clearance of content we do welcome personal input.)

Jeffrey Solow

Jeffrey used to have a video called TO BE A PERFORMER, which I showed my music classes in school. I also bought a 'record' of his. I have always admired his style of playing and wanted to recommend him to other cellists.

.. Mstislav Rostropovich

November 2005 to November 2006

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The Cello Sound C.D.'s The selections on VOL. 1 C.D. are: Teleman Concerto, Canon in D, Norwegian Wood, Amazing Grace, Serenade, Man of La Mancha, In My Room, Sound of Silence, Cordoba, Something, Minuet in G, Saints go Marching In, As A Deer, I Love You Lord, Carol of Bells, Rudolph, The Christmas Song, Greensleeves, Joy to the World(fantasy) ::VOL. 2 C.D. selections: Panis Angelicus, Boccherini Minuet, Bring Him Home, Eine Kleine Nacht Music, Entertainer, Great is thy Faithfulness, Jesu Joy, Just as I Am, Precious Lord, Ashgrove, Music of the Night, Shenandoah, Dannyboy, Something, Love Story, Teleman Concerto, What a Friend we've In Jesus,:: VOL. 3 C.D.:Whistle While You Work, Music of Night, Without A Song, Delta Dawn, Lazy Bones, Panis Angelicus, Over the Rainbow, Summertime, Love Story, Navajo Trail, Miss Celies Blues, Cowboy Medley, Michelle, Come Thou Long Expected Jesus, Spanish Eyes ::VOL.4 C.D. selections: Brahms Symph.Theme, French Medley, Adagio(Beeth.Piano), Miss Celies Blues, The Rose, Dust in the Wind, Spanish Eyes, I Can't Get Started, Only Time(Enya), Venus, La Vie En Rose, Orinoco Flow (enya), Michelle, Where'er You Walk, Beatle Medley, Patriotic Medley::CHRISTMAS CD-2009=Joy... to the World Fantasy, The First Noel, Mary's Boy Child, Angels We...On High, Infant Holy Medley, Have Yourself...Christmas, White Christmas, How Grt.Thou Art, Little Drummer Boy, Do You Hear...I Hear, Angels We..on High, I Wonder as I Wander, Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah, Carol of Bells, Echo Carol, Rudolph, Let it Snow, Christmas Song, O Holy Night, Silent Night(blue-grass version), Pastoral Symphony (messiah), He Shall Feed His Flock (messiah) Amazing Grace